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Tasha Yar grew up in Hell and found her place among the star protecting a cherished family she knew all too briefly. Death, especially the meaningless kind, stalked her from the time she was small. But if Lt. Yar knows how to do one thing, it's defy an obvious fate.


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This is an unofficial fan journal/account created for the purpose of role playing with various RPG communities; I am not Tasha, who is the property of a bunch of people who couldn't write her decently in the first damn place CBS/Paramount in some complicated joint venture I don't feel like explaining without being paid or plied with tasty beverages.

No profit is being made, nor am I diminishing the profitability of the genuine show. Quite the opposite, in fact. Were I not doing this, I would have never shelled out money for copies of "The Naked Now," "Skin of Evil," or anything connected to "Star Trek: Nemesis." The journal should be viewed as fair use by way of the fair use commentary protections available under the Copyright Act of 1976. Please support Trek as you see fit. It has only survived it 50+ years because people love it to an illogical degree.
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